Goodbye, Legoland!

Today was our last day in California. We have a flight out of LAX at 7:40 tonight, so there was no more amusement park, but there was a little bit of time to spend in California. We asked the boys what they wanted to do with the time we wouldn't be driving and the unanimous answer was: "Play in the hotel!!" 

Breakfast with Captain Looty and his lute.

Then we took multiple rides in the elevator (Finn's favorite part of the entire trip to California). The elevator plays "The Girl from Ipanema" until the door closes. Then: disco party!! The lights dim, a disco ball drops down, and dance music plays! So while we're riding between floors, we're grooving to "Everything is Awesome!" or "Dancing Queen" or something equally boogie-worthy. But you better stop dancing when the doors start to open, otherwise you look silly to the people waiting to get on (Ryan's favorite part of the trip)!

A little chill sesh with Jay in the lobby.

They helped the surfer girl with her pillar.

Then to the castle to build some stuff!

Finn's jackhammer/shield.

Even Dad...

...and Mama got in on the building!

Time to go! Goodbye, California!

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Legoland 2: Hitting the Bricks

When your day starts out with breakfast with a pirate you know it's going to be a winner.


We returned to the Ninjago ride...

...where Finn dominated, landing himself a spot on the daily leader board! Earth Ninja!!

A little ninja training to get the muscles working. (Some are bigger than others.)

Lightning fast reflexes! (Yes, they're totally cheating.)

Na na na na na na na na na!

Technic Test Track was the ultimate favorite

You can see why!

Some high-flying fun.


Today we finally made it to the "heart of Legoland" -- Miniland!

We stopped by New York to visit Adam and Matt but they weren't home :(

There was excellent teamwork happening at the boat building station.


Better watch out!

Per Finn's request, we literally took a smile and a serious group photo in front of every single Star Wars minifigure. I will spare you that particular gauntlet.

Don't worry, he let us go with just a warning.

This guy, however, kept us around a while.

Since we drove cars yesterday, today we made time for Skipper School. All the boys passed with flying colors.

The best part of Splash Battle was that the boats themselves were equipped with the lamest little water guns that could barely dribble on bystanders, but the bystanders had these giant guns that could easily drench the pirates. There was a random citizen who elected himself captain of the bystanders and was directing them on who to soak. He picked Ryan. Nailed it. And since they were already wet...

It was time for the Pirate Reef!

They were drenched! Ryan's underwear were still wet eight hours later ahahahahahahah.

Granny's Apple Fries lived up to the hype.

Time for the Hideaway.

They could have played in this thing for hours.

Hanging out.

No parents allowed.

One of the most exciting parts of Legoland is the minifigure swap. All the employees have name badges that have minifigures attached to them. If you bring a minifigure to the park you can swap yours out with one of the employees' figures. We brought 22 old, gross, bald, chewed-on duplicates from home and after two days of swaps this is the haul we landed with (Ryan found two extras on the ground!). Not bad!

Every evening in the hotel there is a Lego building competition and all three boys entered and made some great kingdom-themed creations.

Declan was the winner in his age bracket! He made a magnificent torch.

We also won the day by finding and retrieving the elusive Golden Pop Badge, which is hidden on a random employee in the park every day.  YAY, CARTYS!

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OMG OMG Legoland!!!


We are staying at the Legoland Hotel. This was something we debated about because it was more expensive, but we already are 100% thrilled with our decision. The place is SO AMAZING. I can't tell you enough how much we loved every single detail. The restaurant, the entertainment, the rooms, the proximity, the perks, the staff, the everything. 10/10 would recommend.

But onto the park! Of course the first place we went was Ninjago world because DUH. NINJAGO. Kai was hanging around for a photo op so we snagged a pic!

Ninjas in training. We did the ride and Cael totally destroyed everyone with his amazing aim and lightning-fast hands.

This picture is the most important of the entire day (maybe my life) because of the woman in the background with the black sunglasses on: Alana de la Garza, who was the lead in one of my very favorite shows ("Forever") which was cancelled too soon and I still get really sad about. No, I didn't talk to her, but yes, I was inches away from her multiple times during the day so that counts for something. Also, we made eye contact and I almost hyperventilated. NBD.

Two rides Mama didn't do today. This was one of them. Spinning =/= winning.

The Technic Test Track was pretty amazing. The most exciting of the rollercoasters, for sure.

Time for Fun Town!

The boys had to race to rescue some Lego characters from a burning building! (They didn't win. Ryan says it was because the handle wasn't toggled, but I'm fairly sure it's because he has teeny muscles and he was in charge of pumping to get the engine to move.)

Hi, Emmett!

Junior driving course for our littlest driver.

Then the big guys hit the main course.

I think this means Ryan doesn't have to drive back to LAX.

Fairy Tale Brook!

Safari Trek!

Dad is, of course, the wildest animal of them all.

He's basically 16.


4D is the new 3D (if you enjoy getting sprayed with water and bubbles, that is).

Knight business is serious business :|

Dragon Roller Coaster was a huge hit and we hit it at the right time (no wait!) so we had to go twice in a row.

Declan had been waiting all day for this one.

Depending on your size, you can pick different intensities for The Royal Joust. They each picked the highest they possibly could, of course. Even Declan went for a spin (not pictured).

As you may be able to guess, this was the second of the rides that Mama passed on. More spins for Dad!!


When we finally made it back to our room (10pm) we had figured out the answer to our treasure hunt questions (given at check-in) so we got to open the treasure chest...

Which was filled with Legos for each of them! 

Time for bed for these pirates. Day 2 awaits!

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