MNH, Central Park

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NYC: The Saga Continues

The Newlyweds in their apartment
I made them post for embarrassing touristy photos, as a good sister should.
Sam finally gets her NYC hotdog!!
Grub in Bryant Park
Making sure Santa knows the 2017 list.
Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. (Verdit: SPECTACULAR!! Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma!)
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Adam and Matt 5eva

The Fox and the Dachshund met at a coffee shop.

The Fox was sat behind the counter, his nails tapping against the formica. He sighed a put-upon sigh. The day was long, the line was long, and the wait itself seemed endless. “My patience,” said the Fox, “like my time in this world, grows shorter.”

The Dachshund smiled, for he had read that book as well. “An Unnecessary Woman.”

The Fox was impressed the Dachshund had known the quote, for he liked a Dachshund that could read.

The Dachshund was less impressed. “Your words, clever Fox, are not your own.”

It was true, the Dachshund had the right of it, and so the Fox conceded. He thought of words that were his own. “I like my coffee like I like my Dachshund’s: skinny, dark and --”

“I know what I want,” interrupted the Dachshund, for he thought he knew what the Fox would say and did not think it appropriate for a coffee shop. “I'll have a large coffee with milk.”

So the Fox made the drink and presented it to the Dachshund with a flourish and a grin.

The Dachshund reached for the coffee, but pulled his paw back sadly. “It is lovely,” said the Dachshund, “and it smells divine, but I have no hands and cannot lift it.”

It was true. Dachshunds are ill-equipped for carrying. But that was nothing but an obstacle, and the Fox would not be thwarted.

“I have no hands either,” said the Fox, “but have we not heads? Let us put them together.”

And so the Fox and the Dachshund pressed the mug between their heads and walked out of the shop.

And from that moment the Fox and the Dachshund faced each challenge as a team. For they had learned that day a most valuable lesson: anything can be achieved when they are side by side.
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Prospect Park

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The Fam

Ryan and Allie
Cael | 9
Finn | 7
Declan | 5


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